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Mash Productions


Our sustainability pledge

To become a more sustainable video production company, We adopt practices and strategies that focus on reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

1. Energy Efficiency: We optimise energy usage in your production process by using energy-efficient equipment, such as LED lights, and encourage the use of natural light whenever possible. Turn off equipment when not in use and utilise power-saving modes.

2. Equipment and Gear: We the lifespan of our equipment by properly maintaining and repairing it. We often purchase used or refurbished gear instead of buying new.

3. Transportation: We often use public transportation to get to shoots whenever feasible, especially in and around London. When we do drive, we coordinate to use the least cars possible if we have larger teams or work with other departments. We also make sure we only have enough crew onsite to do the task at hand. This limits our carbon footprint and the need for excess travel.

4. Environmental Awareness: We educate our team about sustainability practices and the importance of environmental conservation. We encourage them to bring forward ideas and suggestions for reducing the company’s ecological footprint. We also have crew trained in Applied Skills for a sustainable media industry by Bafta Albert.

Sustainability is an ongoing effort, and it’s essential to continually evaluate and improve our practices to achieve long-term positive impacts.